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Get this we are young only once
And like a dream it goes by so fast
Make it great so when it all ends
There’ll be a smile and no regrets 
All doors are open and it’s your call
Listen to your heart, never give up and take it all
My star sign is Gemini (the twins) and as my zodiac sign tells you, we don’t like staying the same. I keep changing myself all the time: hair, clothes, lifestyle. What is in fashion and what is not - doesn’t bother me much. I keep on changing myself all the time so I’m not bored with myself. I think the most important thing is to keep your body in a good shape and then all the clothes will look great on you anyway. I don’t like using makeup (only for filming); in real life I want to look real. I like tattoos and I’m slowly getting more and more of them. One day I may appear as one big tattoo – when I’m 100 years old.
One day I want to learn how to walk in high heels and how to cook properly like Jamie Oliver does.
Also I do not smoke or drink though I used to when I was in my twenties. In winter I go swimming in an open pool with a water temperature of 5 degrees. My goal is to stay looking young for as long as possible because youth is the best. See you in the future…
             I'm waiting for the stars to fall down from the sky 
I'm wishing for you to be ever mine
In the glamour of night they shine with beauty and grace
leaving nothing but a beautiful trace 
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So many things I can do for you
I will go to the North Pole if you ask me to
I’ll build a road made of roses right up to the moon
Make it rain in the desert and snow in June
more photos you can find on my old website
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